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PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 12/29/09 “Children Taken By the Family Courts” Handprints Albany, New York For the 1st year, the Seventh Annual Battered Mothers Custody Conference 2010, Battered Women, Abused Children, and Child Custody, A National Crisis VII: “Now That We Know, What Are We Doing About It?” is hosting the construction of children’s handprints who have been taken by the family courts. January 8th, 9th, and 10th 2010 in Albany, New York. This is a national crisis in the family courts all over the US and Mothers are losing custody….unfairly by a court system that is not protecting our children. Just imagine, a long clothesline, with mini wooden clothespins, and handprints of all sizes, representing protective mothers and their children who have been “legally kidnapped” by the family courts. We are asking Mothers who have lost physical custody of their child(ren) to create handprints to commemorate their lost child(ren). Throughout weekend of the conference, we will be providing materials and ask Mothers to add paper cut-out handprints to the clothesline. However, Mothers do NOT need to be in attendance at the conference in order to add their handprints. Please mail the handprints before Jan. 2, 2010 to: Linda Marie Sacks P.O. Box 730966 Ormond Beach, FL 32173 Questions… Linda Marie 386-453-3017 after Jan 2, 2010 please mail to: Dr. Mo Hannah, Chair, BMCC 2010 26 Purtell Avenue Latham NY 12110 518-210-2487 Instructions: Place your child’s hands on a piece of paper, cardstock works best, trace your child’s handprints (left and right) on colored paper, cut out and write a message if you’d like and mail before the conference to Linda Marie, as she will constructing the clothesline and will have it at the conference. After the Jan. 2th date…please send to Dr. Mo Hannah. Sadly, if you cannot see your child(ren) to trace their handprints, please, trace YOUR handprints for every child you have lost to the crisis in the courts. Once the handprints are constructed, we will lend it out to individuals and organizations for promoting and publicizing the problems faced by battered mothers and children within the family court system. One day justice will prevail…..thanks to all the wonderful people who are part of the solutions to the family court crisis. Contact: Dr. Mo Hannah, Chair BMCC 2010 518-210-2487 or Linda Marie Sacks 386-453-3017


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    Why Angry Men Kill


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    Why Angry Men Kill Empty Why Angry Men Kill

    Post by Admin on Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:56 am

    Why Angry Men Kill
    Mirror UK
    By Jack Levin 30/12/2009

    Typically the motive in a family annihilation is revenge.

    It is normally preceded by a nasty separation, divorce or child custody battle and the primary target is almost always the wife who is blamed by the man for all his miseries.

    He decides to get even by killing everything associated with her and everything she loves.

    There are also cases where a man sees a murder-suicide as altruism. He may have lost his job or be in debt and cannot provide for his family. He takes their lives before his life believing they are better off dead.

    Most cases develop over years, not days, but there is usually a catalyst - a negative, life-changing event. It takes several factors working together. The vast majority of these murders are committed by men.

    The reasons that men kill in divorce/custody situations are almost always anger and revenge, and not misguided altruism. This is especially true when the reasons for a divorce/custody dispute were complaints of abuse being committed by the man against the woman and or/child(ren). The current climate in family court forces the victims to remain in contact with the abuser when there is a child in common based on false propaganda and rhetoric. The truth of the matter is that abusers don't make good parents. (Especially deniers who claim they are "falsely accused") Also, the abusers are the ones who are most likely to kill. Until the legal system recognizes the plight of the victims and puts access to children as being more important than safety or well-being the death toll will continue to rise. Even if the abusers don't kill the victims, they live a tortured existance until the child is 18 and/or ages out of the legal system, tolerating the abuse or having to defend against legal abuse inflicted by an abuser engaging in a custody battle.

    Risk factors:

    • Antisocial personality and/or an overly dependent personality
      Alcohol and/or drug abuse
      Lack of employment
      Lack of education
      Growing up in a violent/abusive home
      Age disparity with the husband being significantly older
      Child in the home who is not the partner’s biological child
      Separation or threat of separation by the woman
      History of sexual jealousy
      Verbal abuse
      Access to firearms
      Threats of use of a weapon

    Risks for murder-suicide, specifically, are: the man being white and older than the woman, being married, a pattern of pathological jealousy, a history of battering, depression and suicidal ideation, and a threat of separation. The key distinguishing factor between murder-suicide and the more usual form of domestic homicide is the presence of depression and suicidal ideation. Guns are the most common weapon used in murder-suicides(Violence Policy Center, 2006)based on the fact that if you shoot someone, the gun is right there for the shooter to commit suicide.

    For more information on this:

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    Violence Policy Center: When Men Kill Women

    Violence Policy Center: American Roulette - Murder-Suicide in the United States

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